Reclaim Valuable Resources 

To prepare a well for production or cleanup, the flowback process carefully reclaims fluids to the surface after previously fracturing a shale formation. By using hydraulic and manual choke manifolds, fluids are disposed safely to protect surface and groundwater.

Werking to Protect Our Natural Resources

Fracturing a shale formation can sometimes leave some amount of fluids behind, even when thoroughly accounting for flowback. Well Werks flowback services uses a carefully designed set of processes and equipment to reclaim those fluids to the surface, where they can be isolated and removed to preserve the integrity of surface and groundwater.

Technology & Equipment

WELL WERKS Energy professionals use a combination of hydraulic and choke manifolds to manage flowback operations, reclaim fluids successfully, and prevent excessive sand or erratic flow rates. We WERK with sandtraps as small as 5k 44” Sphericals up to 10k Cyclonics, cleaning your well and pushing through the manifold to flow the well back, thus ensuring a longer well life. With our technology you will always experience optimal well conditions, whether you prefer old or new methods, WELL WERKS has you covered.

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Cost-Effective Flowback Solutions

Need access to the manifolds, separators, sandtraps, or other specialized equipment you require onsite? Well Werks Standalone Equipment Rental can provide these items and so much more at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing, transporting, and maintaining your own inventory.

Well Werks Energy's specialized flowback equipment.
Well Werks Energy personnel on examining site production and reporting project details.

Dynamic Project Tracking

Even when other obligations take you away from your project site, Well Werks Project Tracking keeps you present with real-time tracking information straight from your team members on the ground. Access our online client portal from almost anywhere to stay informed on field operations, review budgets or projected expenses, submit billing inquiries, and review field operations according to reliable, up-to-the-minute input.

Real Time Project Tracking

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