Drill out

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional.

Well Werks customizes our drill out service for success in each phase of your project.

Well Werks Delivers Performance

Each stage of the drill out service is supported by newly built plug catchers and a collection of certified equipment to ensure a successful ratio and balance of your well.

Drill Out Tailored Precisely to Your Specifications

WELL WERKS generates adjustable or fixed choke designs utilizing the newest technologies in changing regulations and green completions. Our system can also adapt to handle any type of plug. We maintain the perfect balance of your entire drill out procedure ultimately equalizing your returns.

Technology & Equipment

Drill out services offered by Well Werks utilize a modular system consisting of 3” manifolds with custom-built screens and tank systems. Monitoring technologies are used to ensure equal balance on your well, enabling ideal barrel-in and barrel-out rates. With Well Werks Standalone Equipment Rental, you also have access to the certified equipment you need to complete your job in a more cost-effective manner.

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Seamlessly Werking Together

Well Werks packages flowback support services to facilitate the frac and drill out stages of development. Following the plug drill out, our team will install a complete set of well testing equipment to prepare the well for final production and to provide comprehensive data on fluids recovery and composition analysis, gas rate and flow measurement, and solids recovery.

Client Portal

comprehensive tracking solutions

Protect your schedule and your budget with responsive project tracking from Well Werks. Our live portal simplifies project management by allowing you to receive near-immediate status updates directly from your onsite team. Maintaining a constant flow of accurate information helps to minimize contingencies and ensure that your project stays on track, which helps you to achieve the best possible outcome.