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Strategic Partnerships

Well Werks was formed through a strategic partnership that combined the skill and expertise of industry leaders for one purpose, to become the leading well testing company in the United States. The Well Werks team has successfully coordinated projects throughout the Greater Permian Basin, as well as Colorado, Wyoming, Louisiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

​Well Werks prides itself on maintaining the experience, expertise, and ability to adapt to any of the dynamic situations which may arise over the course of your project. We are committed to exhausting every available strategy and providing our customers with innovative, optimizing solutions for their wells -- all while lowering emissions and reducing environmental exposure on location during the course of operations.



From Start to Finish, You Get the Werks

Well Werks Energy provides a comprehensive selection of services to guarantee dynamic solutions for all phases of land-based well testing and operations, backed by the best personnel and technology in the industry.

Well Werks Energy personnel on a project site turning a valve.


Our modular, customizable system allows for easy transition between plugs and successful collection of parts and debris.

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Well Werks Energy personnel on a project site turning a valve.

Well Testing

Our process allows for more comprehensive measurement, recording, and analysis of underground hydrocarbon properties compared to standard equipment.

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Well Werks Energy personnel on a project site examining equipment.


Safely reclaim and remove fluids after well production or cleanup to protect surface and groundwater.

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Well Werks Energy personnel on production watch, taking notes about a project site.

Production Watch

A dedicated team of skilled professionals manage your operations for maximum productivity and efficiency.

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Aerial view of Well Werks Energy's state-of-the-art equipment, available for rental.

Stand Alone equipment rental

Access to our full inventory of state-of-the-art manifolds, plug catchers, sandtraps, separators, flares, combusters, and more. Free estimates on standard equipment.

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The Well Werks Way

Technology & Equipment

Well Werks Equipment Rental offers a cost-effective solution for supplying the certified equipment you need to complete your project successfully, regardless of the unexpected challenges you may encounter along the way. Choose from our full inventory of state-of-the-art manifolds, plug catchers, cyclonic sandtraps, separators, and more.

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Real Time Project Tracking

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